Thursday, October 22, 2009

Good-Bye Max

My sweet Max. We miss you so. From our heads to our toes. You were so sweet and smart and nice. You were our dog and smooth as ice. We miss your kisses, licks and nips. We miss your warning growls. You were the best and will always remain - apart of ours hearts and in our brains.

K- don't make fun of me. I needed to write that ok!

I have been having a heck of a time! Morning the loss of this stupid dog. And he wasn't stupid I am still just mad.

He was out playing with Myschief in the back yard and somehow hurt his leg. After taking him to 6 different vets and it was determind that to fix him it would cost 1500 to 3000 dollars and 3 months of physical therapy and no stairs (we don't have a door outside with lesss than 8 stairs) we just could not give him the help he would need. So many many many phone calls later to no kill shelters who would not take him from me, we gave him to the Utah Humane Society. As I sat and blubbered and snotted all over myself as I was filling out the paperwork my heart just broke. Anyway, 3 weeks later I got brave and contacted the shelter. They told me they were able to find a no -kill shelter for him. He got the surgery to repair his leg and is doing well. They said that he was a special dog with a great personality and know that he will make a new family a great life long friend.

I am so glad for him... but am still so sad for me! I didn't realize what an attachment I had/have for him. I am STILL missing him so much. He's been gone for 2 months and I am still sad at nights without him. What a boob I am.

Joe and the kids seem to of healed well. Joe found a new "family member".
This is Luci. She is 14 weeks and is really catching on to life with this crazy busy family. She is definitly Joe's dog - but is good with the rest of us. Although lately her and I have had to have "words" because she is trying to find her place and thinks that she should rank above me in the order of the pack. But I guess I am acting rather "out cast" as I get over my Max Trauma. Oh well (big sigh).
Let me end with this story Tristin just wrote for the Reflections Program....
Me and Max
By: Tristin Murray

I had a dog named Max. He was my best friend. We played lots of things together. My favorite thing to do with Max was playing Star Wars. Max would be my R2D2 and I was Anikin. We would play in the back yard and the bugs were the bad guy clones. Max and I played catch. I would throw the ball and he would run really fast and catch it in the air! Then he brought it back to me and I would throw it again.
The day Max came to live with us Mom took us for a car ride. We went to a house on a big farm that had lots of animals. They had Horses, cows and sheep and lots of dogs. We met a nice lady who brought out some puppies. They were all cute and fuzzy and different colors. This boy puppy came up to me and licked me. He kept following me around and whining at me. My mom said that I could keep him and we brought him home. I decided we should name him Max because it is my middle name and it is a good, strong name.
Max was a very smart dog. We taught him to do tricks. He could sit, fetch his ball and give kisses when asked. Max hurt his leg and doesn’t live with us anymore. I miss him a lot.

And yes - I did sit and cry the ENTIRE time I typed this up for him. Thanks for asking.