Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun Safety and Intro to shooting

Joe has been talking for some time about getting our kids out to learn how to handle and shoot some guns. He was raised around them and has wanted to do that with them. Our biggest fear is that we put a gun in Chey's hand, a seizure hits and rapid firing commences while she stiffens and we can't remove the weapon. Plus I've been a bit uneasy about putting a loaded gun into the hand if a 6 year old... We found these as compromises. 1 BB pellet riffle and 1 BB pellet gun. Both simulate the loading of a gun. Both have safeties like real guns. Training without explosive power. And both have a bit of recoil when fired. Again great training without complete damage power.
This afternoon, since Chey is off playing at Grandma'S, Joe gets the kids all excited about going to " find" a place and go shooting. We don't know where to go. We haven't lived here long enough to have explored back country areas... But off we go. We drove toward Morgan, took a turn off, drove thru herrison (?), past some resivore lake thingy (there were boats on it but it was small. I don't know!!), past a monistary ( not kidding!!). We drove by some national forest campgrounds and a dinner that advertised cold burgers and warm beer with a life-sized Indian teepee behind it. During the drive we went iver gun safty and whys and hows and found out later we were being tuned out anyway.
Finally, after about an hour ( the country was beautiful tho!) we found a big atv/snowmobile parking area with some great trails. There were even concrete outhouses! Sweet! We packed our arms and off we went.

We found a nice little outcove and set up our waterbottles and cardboard boxes and started loading our weapons. Joe tried a few shots then handed the riffle to Tristin. He got his bottle sighted in and POP! Missed.. But succeeded in hitting himself above the eye on the recoil and started crying. Then he says "dad. I think the little gun is made for me."

After a quick lesson from Dad, he was right and did great.
Then it was Keriana's turn. Dad helped her hold the riffle ...

... And sight it all in and POP! One water bottle sprung a leak... She started giggling so hard and I was seriously releaved that Joe was holding the gun and that it was a single load weapon. Someone would have lost an eye. And you have to admit any military person or avid hunter is going to be seriously envying her outfit.
Ana then got a turn at the hand gun.

Same outcome as the riffle. A great shot. Both kids were about 50/50 on shot accuracy.

But Ana's arms got tired... And found that this was still a safe and easier way to shoot. They were Pretty psyched.

Until the bushes started shaking and Ana needs to go potty and we find the bathrooms locked tight. So I got to teach her the fine art of wilderness urination. Ahhhhhhhhh... The joys of parenting.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The LORD's time...

Somedays I despise the LORD's time. Today did NOT go how I had planned. I had a school meeting in the am and a church visiting teaching meeting in the early afternoon. Joe had to close tonight so he was home most of the morning.
A few weeks ago, cheyanne mis-placed her iPod shuffle. This is pretty typical for her with all her things - as it is with most kids. Play with something, see something else entertaining, swap toys right where you are standing... Anyway toy one always shows up again. Right? No worries.
My sweet husband tends to forget that. Or doesn't have the patience to wait for toy one to show up again. As i do too some days. And he decided today that the iPod was to valuable for us to "just wait" for it to show up. And I am sure he wanted to motivate me to clean because I just haven't wanted to lately. So he put us all to work to find this iPod. And he threatened us with " no more fun for anyone til it's found". Honestly, I am still non- shall-ant about this. I " know" that it is in the house. I am sure all mothers know what kind of "know" I am talking about. The "gut" feeling... The sixth sense... Whatever.
Anywho, after an hour of looking here and there ( and joe's had to go to work by now) the girls and I are in their room and I get the ingenious idea that I can use this to teach them about prayer. So we all pause our efforts and I talk with them about feeling a prayer in your heart and letting the words come out. I said the prayer and we started looking again.
A 1/2 hour later, still no iPod. Now I am a little disappointed that no iPod has reappeared. But I keep telling the girls that God will help us -and is helping us. We just have to calm ourselves and be open to him. But inside, I am getting a little bit more pissy with every tick of the clock. Honestly people, I even said a few little chastising prayers including " heavenly father, I am
Trying to teach my kids about the power of prayer here! Your not helping!!". Seriously. HE missed a great & totally deserving opportunity for lightning bolts of humility.
My visiting teachers came and gave me a great lesson on strenghthing the family. Again - the Lord missed some great strike me down opportunities because I was sitting there thinking "I am trying! And I am trying to strengthen their faith in prayer and getting no support here!!" zap zap zap... But nothing Not one single inspiration.
Two hours later I has " fit to be tied". I had pulled tristin from his games, made him pray with us. Again. And I was not exactly using a calm sweet voice this time. Honestly... I was mad. I was angry that HE wasn't helping. It's a stupid little easy thing to pray for help for. He could just pop a picture into one of our minds. And poof! There. He helped me teach. If HE can do something as amazing as heal the sick, HE could help us find this iPod and help strengthen 4 faiths in the process. At this point I knew I had to step back so we went and did the shopping I needed to and ate dinner. We again prayed and commenced with looking. People I unhooked our sectional couch and had each piece on it's side cleaning& looking for this dumb thing. Cheyanne thought she left it at the doctors office a few weeks ago so i called them.
It's 630 now. We started the search at noon. I AM MENTALLY done. I sent the girls to their room to pull out every drawer and dump it and go thru every pant pocket. Tristin was sent to the closets to go through every jacket pocket. I had just finished going through the garage and my gardening shed in the backyard because at this point I don't even know. Beds were torn apart and remade. Furniture was moved and cleaned behind. Gadget drawers were reorganized. My house is pretty organized now. I even went thru my craft room. I moved the washer and drier people...
Then I walk into the spare/ barbie room. I check drawers and under everything.... Then I put my hand on the top corner of an armoire, look at my dogs and tell them I must have done something wrong. My Heavenly Father would not add a lost iPod to my overfilled plate right now. I must not have prayed right - or quieted my heart enough... And I must be needing to learn something. ( I am sure my husband is rolling his eyes about now... Actually any non- God believing person is... Especially as I finish this)
... As my hand is up there on that corner I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths. And start drumming my fingers- that always helps me focus... And I feel something hard so I get up on my tip toes. There I find a pile of hard dog jerky treats that I had used for luci in her puppy training class. And right behind that pile is the stinky iPod. 6 hours and 45 minutes after the search began. 5 hours-ish after the first over-confident prayer... I learned my lesson of patience, humility and prayers are answered in GODs time... Not mine. Dang it all... Not mine.
I went running up the stairs and all the kids jump around and are sooo excited. And Chey yells "prayer answered" and Keriana says " HE's listening".... And Tristin " hurray! Now we can go to Grandma's"....
Yes babies... You are right.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Easy cheesy chicken salad

I love this! When my kids want chicken and fries I can throw this together in the same time frame.

4-6 strips of pre cooked chicken strips. ( I get tysons grilled strips in the frozen section at Costco)
3 tbls Extra Virgin Olive oil
1 1/2 tbls sesame seed oil
Garden salad
Whatever else you like in your salads!

Add sesame oil & olive oil to medium fry pan. Heat up. Add chicken strips. - this will sizzle n splash so be careful- simmer with lid on for about 8 minutes flipping the strips every 2 min or so. At about 6 minutes, if I want my chicken more seasoned, I add my seasoning. In the one I pictured above I added fajita seasoning and sesame seeds. Remove from heat and let sit in the pan while you fix your salad.
Cut the strips in the pan to bite size pieces and add to your bowl.


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Monday, July 19, 2010

Down east basic giveaway

My sis in law is doing a blog give away... Check it out!

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Aprons, aprons and aprons

Hand Towel Apron

I went to the Dollar Tree and bought a pack of towels in their auto department. Took two and sewed them together lenghth wise.
Then folded them in half Lenghthwise. I measured my daughter from inside of each shoulder across her chest and from center chest to waist.
Then measured that lenth on the width of the top of the towels and pinned.
I then cut a tapered cut from top to waist.
Then I sewed on a cute ribbon and walla!!

I also added Velcro around the neck for multiple use and it was a little long on both my girls so i folded up the bottom and sewed and added ribbon to make it " fancy"!

Easy Cheesey 1/2 Aprons

I had so much fun with that one that I decided to make one for my Mom. I measured from my waist to mid thigh and then from hip to hip.
I added 1/2 inch to each measurement to allow for a 1/4 inch sew seam all the way around.
Then I added a pocket and some ribbon!

I measured my son the same way as above. Wrapped a piece of fabric around him and added velcro for growth. Also after adding the pocket I sewed in some sections for pencils.

He Loves it!

I measured out the fabric top the same way as I did the afore mentioned aprons. I sewed on the pocket and sectioned off some spots for pencils. Then I hot glued on foam letters and shapes ( which she chose).

Then using a yard of toole, I sewed the tops and one side closed. The top is done with a loose stich that I could bunch up later.
In between the folded layers I stuffed sparkly ribbon. I have tried glitter and it tends to bunch together. but it does look pretty when not in a glob. Then I pulled the string together at the top to make the toole bunch.
I then sewed the top and tool together.
Added some fat ribbon for ties.
Happy Girl!

I'll post my denim aprons later....
Please tell me what you think!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our family July Fouth fun

*************************************** I'd like to start off this post by thanking all of the past, present and future military personel ( and their supportive families!!) for all they have done to ensure my freedom and that of my family. Thank you for your sacrifices and unconditional love for your fellow men. You are amazing and we are endepted to you. Thank you!!
Today the kids and I finished up our escape & celebration at my parents house. How fun it was to be there fir a few days. Thank you!!
We got back about three and Joe had cleaned the whole house ( minus dishes but that's ok!) and had dinner started. He makes these amazing new potatoes! Anyway, it was awesome to come home to clean looking and smelling. He BBQ cheese burgers and stake and I nuked some corn. He even made my favorite garlic bread and then tried a new cheese bread concoction that turned out way yummy!! Thanks honey! It was awesome. Especially to have you with us and feeling better....
After we cleaned up, we set up a new game thing in the backyard. It's a 5 game set I found at walmart. It has smash ball, badmitten, volley ball, easy version of lacrosse and some other kind of ball catching game. Anyway, I had found some other rackets and birdies at the dollar store, so we all played outside together for a few hours.

It was awesome to be together. Something that has been rare the past few weeks and will not change for the next week or so.
Then we went in for brownies and ice cream....

....Another Joe sponcered surprise!!
Then we played a rousing game of mini golf on the Wii. Tristin won by one point! Yea!
Yesterday evening Chey and I painted our finger nails

..... And toe nails.

Thanks Grandma for the fun polish!!

... And for the last pix I want to share what I caught on my sad little camera phone...

... But I think my bat image is pretty unique!

HAPPY 4th EVERYONE!!! I am soooooo happy to be FREE!!!

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fun Fourth pix

Fun face paint from carnival today.

Kid entertainment... Our friend & adopted family member KC teaching them how to make cake balls, rice crispy squares and peanut butter rice krispy roll...


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Relaxing and preparing

We are enjoying 4th of July celebrations. The kids, dogs and I came to Sandy to be with my parents and brother & family. It's been fun and relaxing and a great and welcome distraction. We've had fun being in the parade, the youth carnival and now a BBQ. Can't wait for fireworks. One of my favorite holidays...
But my mind keeps reverting back to the upcomming - currently planning for 7 day - hospital stay with chey. They are running a video EEG study on her. What is this you ask??? They hook her up to 36 - 50 individual electrodes (wires) and wrap her head with stickey gauze stuff. Then -remember this is for 7 days- she is monitored 24/7. Monitored and video tapped. She will not be allowed to leave the room for 7 days.
I have been told that there are volunteers that come around to do projects or read with and visit with. There is also a tv in the room with hospital channels and a VHS player. We will be able to request videos but will be sharing with every other kid at primary Childrens. I've also been told that there are a few playstations that we can again request while there - in rounds with others. I'm ok with sharing but my goodness.... 7 days (that is 158) in one small room. What are you to do with a small active girl who also has ADHD??
So I am trying to come up with activities, snacks - and food items for me- projects, educational things to help her retain all she learned at school... Crazy and a bit overwhelming. But well - we'll make it.
Open to suggestions!!