Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Things I've learned from my kids today...

A question in Cheyanne's book - "If you could go camping, where would you go?" .... Her answer. " To the mountains. With a camper - Mobile home thingy". A true Californian girl answer.

Keriana while playing dolls... "You are so freakin' good at hiding!" - huh. How expressive.?

Tristin has been playing Halo ODST too much with his Dad when I heard him - while upstairs - holler out... " I own you! You freakin' Basterd!".
Yes. The game was turned off. In which he responded lovingly with " Mom! You aren't playing nice! You didn't give me a warning! Now go to your room!" As his face turns purple with rage and spittle (?) is flying out of his mouth. He stomped at the end and pointed up the stairs for emphasis.
No. I was not the one who ended up in my room. I think I would have liked it if I had! :)

What have you learned today?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Weigh in

Ok..... So I have been trying to loose weight. I am by no means OVER weight - but I just don't feel my best. So I have been trying to loose some poundage and inches. Thought I was doing pretty well. Been loosing about 5 lbs a month for the past couple months. Exciting right??
Well... I stepped onto my scale a couple of days ago and couldn't believe my eyes. 12 lbs gone! In a month! Wooo HOOOO! I moved the scale around my house just to make sure! Then I did an "I'm getting skinny dance!" Yea! I started texting a few 'supporters' my great news. Celebration right! I couldn't exactly figure out why my pants hadn't gone down a size but figured it was water weight or something. Actually I was too giddy to even really care.
That night I got on the scale again to prove to Joe - and for another set of eyes to confirm the scale. In case my eyes were going or something.... He agreed. The 12 lbs were gone. So I performed yet another "Skinny Celebration Dance". Keriana decided she needed to join the celebration and climb on the scale..... she went to the Dr. last week and weighed 42lbs. On my scale - she weighed 35.

My celebration balloons popped.

Joe promptly got on the scale.... he lost 20lbs in a week from his last Dr. apt.


Yet another reason why I hate scales. crrraaap.

I proptly went out and bought a bag of TollHouse Chocolte Chip Cookie Dough. Still not feeling better. :(