Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Raising well rounded kids

Today I took my kids to see "Water Horse". When talking to some other people about the movie the past few days they we're shocked that I was ok with having my kids see such a "dark" movie. These separate conversation have started me thinking.... How do we really know what is good for our kids? Well, this is my thoughts.
I don't want my kids to grow up scared. And as much as I hate to say this, I don't want them to think life is going to be like a Disney fairytale. Unfortunatly life is not always rainbows and butterflies and happy endings. You don't always get your hearts desire. Life has some pretty sucky things that happen and it's what you make out of those situations that empowers and shapes you. I love moves whose endings are not what your heart wants to happen but you can see the logic of why that thing happened and how - for future purposes - it was the best thing for all that it happened that way.
We don't allow our kids to watch blood n gore, or graffic romance, but I do not thinkkids should be raised with rose colored glasses on. Because when something tragic does happen - it is made worse by their inability to understand and the wishing of Disney fairys to correct the tradgitey.
I also like to introduce my kids to new things. We happened into the dollar store and found som badmitten rackets & birdies... We're going to the park today on a picnic and then I am going to teach them the basics of badmitten ( that's all I know!). I want to give them a taste of everything I can so that they can decide what they want to learn more of.
Do you have any suggestions of fun things to do with kids???

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