Saturday, July 3, 2010

Relaxing and preparing

We are enjoying 4th of July celebrations. The kids, dogs and I came to Sandy to be with my parents and brother & family. It's been fun and relaxing and a great and welcome distraction. We've had fun being in the parade, the youth carnival and now a BBQ. Can't wait for fireworks. One of my favorite holidays...
But my mind keeps reverting back to the upcomming - currently planning for 7 day - hospital stay with chey. They are running a video EEG study on her. What is this you ask??? They hook her up to 36 - 50 individual electrodes (wires) and wrap her head with stickey gauze stuff. Then -remember this is for 7 days- she is monitored 24/7. Monitored and video tapped. She will not be allowed to leave the room for 7 days.
I have been told that there are volunteers that come around to do projects or read with and visit with. There is also a tv in the room with hospital channels and a VHS player. We will be able to request videos but will be sharing with every other kid at primary Childrens. I've also been told that there are a few playstations that we can again request while there - in rounds with others. I'm ok with sharing but my goodness.... 7 days (that is 158) in one small room. What are you to do with a small active girl who also has ADHD??
So I am trying to come up with activities, snacks - and food items for me- projects, educational things to help her retain all she learned at school... Crazy and a bit overwhelming. But well - we'll make it.
Open to suggestions!!

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