Sunday, September 5, 2010

Answered prayers

This week has been so full of happy phone calls it has just a bit overwhelmingly sped by. Wednesday we got the phone message that Medicaid had decided that Chey is indeed disabled and will cover her. Thursday we got the call that our insurance approved her for the hormone treatments and that we have been accepted by Connections For Growth and their distributor -walgreens ( not affiliated with the drug store on the corner) and that we should be getting all of that stuff next week.
Then Friday we got the absolutely AMAZING call that United Health Care actually changed their policy regarding the MEG and that Chey was approved for that. And they had an opening next Tuesday Sept 7 for her to get that done.
I can not even begin to tell you the amount of happy tears shed; or the heaviness that has been lifted. It is just amazing.
I've been writing a .... Grumpy (?) blog in my head and heart this week though. I have to admit that. And it is because of a (I'm hoping) innocent comment that was made to me. I was asked by someone if I was going to attend a school function. And when I replied that I was not - was asked why. I try hard not to lie, fib, white lie, skirt around the truth - whatever you want to call it - but I also try very hard not to complain or talk finances with anyone. 1) because it really isn't anyone business and 2) I don't want to worry anyone. Things could be so much worse for us. We have truly been blessed in so many many ways. Anyway, when I replied that with all Chey's summer tests and upcoming needs it just wasn't in our budget to go, I was confronted with "don't you have insurance? It can't cost you that much more for you. Besides your husband is a store manager." I honestly was completely dumbfounded. This person - having more children than I do ( I think! I don't know them well) just doesn't get it. I just replied " more than you'd think but definitely better than it could be" and I then lied to get out of there before my anger got the better of me.
This situation has gotten me thinking. I've come up with all sorts of financial break down blogs. Maybe I should post it. I think it would make some peoples jaws drop. If you don't have a child with a special need you just may not understand what sacrifices it means. Ignorance is not bliss. Well maybe it is to you, but to those of us going through something with your child - no matter what the % is of people afflicted with the same issue - it sucks! And you truly feel like you are alone!
I have decided against the financial break down because I think that's going a bit overboard. Maybe I'll change my mind again in the future because part of the reason we started this blog is so that people could understand more about dealing with special needs.
But I am done complaining. My heart is so full at the news this week that I am refusing to let the dark enter again. We are so lucky and blessed that Chey is as functional as she is. We don't need helmets, wheelchairs and diapers or bibs. We still have hope for an independent future for her. And maybe even a solution to end her seizure fight. This week of miracles has reminded me of that. We may not have the best of everything, we may not have huge overflowing Christmas's with lights in every window & covering our house, and we may not be able to buy something at every fundraiser or school function. (I volunteer enough to not feel guilty about not supporting the schools. Haha! ;•D Just TRY and beat my 25+ volunteer hours a week. Go on! I triple dog dare ya!)
My blessings are abundant and we have more happiness in our house than some may ever have in their lifetime. For that - I will forever be eternally grateful...

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