Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We have injections!

Chey and I have decided we have the BEST horror imaginations. We need to partner with some movie makers or something. But then again when you receive this...

... I think we are entitled to some horrific thinking!
But today went great. Our "lesson" was very good. Cheyanne even got to practice mixing her medicine. Though I will not let that happen for a while. ;•D
The nurse practitioner -Kristie- is just fab-o! She walked us thru it a few times and then, while I still wanted to practice and avoid it... Chey announced, " ok! I'm ready. Do I get to poke me?" ugh. So i get the machine ready and as I place the machine on her skin and it starts making it's noises Chey scrunched up her face in anticipation of the pain. My insides are flip flopping... The machine stops making noises and she peeks at me and says " when is it going to poke me?" I was dumb founded because I thought it had. And then I figured - with my super great luck- I did it wrong or broke the machine... Or both. And when I looked at Kristie she had a big smile on her face and announces " it did!" and sure enough, I pulled the machine away and there is a little medicine oozing from her arm. Whew.
And as me and my sweet girl are leaving she says " thanks kristie! Tomorrow mom I want you to poke me in my butt!" and skipps off. Only in a Dr.s office! :•D

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  1. So glad that you have the meds/machine and that the 1st try went well. Keep up the good work and good attitude!