Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bedroom safe Jack-o-lanterns

I ran across this cute project in a magazine. My kids love it- but they couldn't cut it. Older kids could.

Wonder what could be done with Milk Jugs? Here's an idea!

After your kids have drained a gallon, wash with soap and let dry. Then peel off the sticker as best you can.
Spray paint orange and let dry 24 hours.

Hold can 6" from jug and let coat one dry about 15 min before adding coat 2 or you end up with drips. The drips DO add to the spooky -ness though.
Have your kids draw what they want their jack-o-lantern to look like.

Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out your shapes. NOTE: the jug does weaken with every cut. Go slowly and carefully.

Get a small flashlight and duct tape it to the top of your bottle. I used a piece 1/2 width and I stuck it to my pants first to get rid of some of the sticky so the tape wouldn't leave residue on my flashlight.

The original instructions said to use brown craft foam for the pumpkin stem. Since I didn't have that, I used a paper towel roll cut to the size of my flashlights. I got three stems from one roll.

We then added chenille wires for vines. We curled them around pencils, but you could leave them straight or use raffia or whatever you have laying around. Quick, fun and mold free! Yea!

My kids are thrilled to have their "Halloween room spooky pumpkin things"..... Keriana says. And Tristin told me "you just have the best craft brain".... I'm a smiling....

Happy Haunting!

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  1. Very cute! I bet they just love having them in their room! Hope you guys are doing well :)



  2. these are so cute! i'm going to link you at my blog! came across you through my weekly "blog stalking"! think i linked from tatertots and jello!