Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reflections... Great program. Greater mess!

Now that all the finishing up, cleaning up and refinding tables that were long buried, I'd like to share my kids projects. Well... A couple of them anyway. And I'll have to update this when I get their literature back up on my computer.
The theme was "Together We Can....

Wrote "Me and My Sister". A little poem about things she can do better when with Keriana.
I got a call yesterday and this piece has won at her school level and will advance to District competition. Of course I started crying and her smile got that much bigger... She really needed that news. She's had a rough patch lately.
Chey really wanted to sew something. But just could not work everything. -though she tried... Then she said she wished she could just make cupcakes. Wah lah!
This project won at school level as well.

Keepable cupcakes by Cheyanne. I think she could start a business!!
Chey did a visual art but I didn't get a pix of the picture. I'll post it when I get it back.

He went sports theme..
Together we can score a touch down.

His 3 d was " ball together"
Pix to come I forgot to take one. Bad mom!


Visual Arts

3D " flowers grow"


"...plant flowers."

Yep!! I'm pretty dang proud my kids have a little bit of my love of arts nestled in them somewhere.

Now you think about it... Together we can.....????

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