Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughtful Thrusday

The Play Area...


I went to Target and bought these bins to go in the shelves. And on them I painted likenesses to the toys they had the most of and then their names for any toys that didn't go with the other bin names. Hopefully this will help with the organization issues.

After all this cleaning up of my house, it has really started me thinking about "things". And why we have so much or think we have to have so much. I got rid of so much stuff! But why was I so attached to some of it that I couldn't get rid of it before? And why am I still holding on to baby clothes that the kids will never wear again? I tell my self it's for memories. But who's going to remember? Who's going to care about my report card from 4th grade with all my A's or my dog's baby teeth (yes I have their baby teeth! Who doesn't save baby teeth?) The tooth fairy has left me all my kids baby teeth, why not keep the dogs too? Their my kids!
How many shoes do we really need? OK so this is not my soft spot but I know it is for some...
Who's going to care that I went to see Raider's of the Lost Arc in the Movie theater? Yes, I did actually part with this and other ticket stubs. Some I actually wrote who I went to see the movie with...
I finally parted with my "Slam Books" from my middle school years. HELLOOOO!!! I paid to MOVE those suckers. And why? ??? I have no idea. Do you remember "Slam Books"?

What are you keeping that doesn't make sense to anyone else??
P.S. My Daughters class has started a program on feelings. They are bring home papers called "Putting a drop in someone's Bucket". They write about something they like about another person. I decided that we all need more of that! Whether it's getting or giving. So I had added - on my side bar- "Putting a BEE in someone's Blog". As I am searching the blogging world for new friends and fun things I will share with you what I find. And I hope you will stop in and visit them! Let's make this world a smaller, friendlier, happier place!


  1. Your play room looks great. Your bins are fabulous. I can't believe how much time you put into making those - so cute! I agree about saving things. I am going through my stuff right now. We are having a Gently Used Boutique next week where we donate things and swap them for things we need. I think it's going to be great. As far as sentimental things go, I heard a great idea from the blogs. Take a picture of the item. It could be your kids artwork, put the picture in a book and get rid of the original. That way you still have a record of the original thing and you don'[t have to store tons of huge papers. Plus it won't get smashed or ruined like it would if it were in a storage box. That would work for ticket stubs and other things too!

    I hope everyone is feeling better today!!!


  2. It is a good feeling to let go of things. It took me months and months to go through all our things before I moved. There is no sense keeping doubles of things either. And I thought of all the people who would be using my things and having a better life because of it. Your storage things are great not be consistant in helping your kids learn where things go and help them put them there. Pretty soon they will know on their own and do it--You will be rewarded for your work on consistency in the beginning. Good luck

  3. Play room looks great and yes I remember slam books!

  4. Wow...your playroom looks great! I hate organizing, it's too overwhelming and I am too impatient to sort through it all. I'd rather throw it all away!
    Have a great day!

  5. Good for you! Purging is the best...and it looks great.

  6. It does feel so good to purge! Stuff, that is. Your playroom looks fabulous. Have you ever listened to Oprah and Friends on XM. THhe clutter guy has a book out called "Does this Clutter Make My Butt Look Big". It's all about how the amount of clutter you have directly correlates with your weight. And if it's any indication, as you've been getting rid of your clutter, I believe I remember you've been losing weight. Am I right? What better motivation is there?