Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Friday- Crafting

As I promised, here is the quilt that I made in March.

My wonderful aunts gave me the pattern and fabric Xmas 07. I messed up cutting it in April of 08 and actually cut enough shaped to do two blanket. But because of that mistake I didn't have enough to do the colorful border. I was lucky enough to find enough fabric colors that matched the original fabric to complete the blankets. The other blanket will be the REVERSE of this one (black stars with a colorful background). Was trying to make them for the girls birthday's but didn't make it. Here is the fabric for Keriana's backing...

We're still working on finding the right one for Cheyanne. But since I haven't even started the blocks, I am not in any rush to find the backing. But if anyone finds any cupcake fabric let me know!

The other thing I wanted to share with you today is my latest project. I have one hall .... the "hallway of love" that doesn't have anything on it and looks so plain. I found a poem and wanted to get it in the vinyl wall letter and put the kids yearly school photo's above it. However - upon talking with Joe- realised that the poem was long and the letters would be within kid reach. And Tristin LOVES to run his fingers along the walls. So I did these! They each have the poem AND I can take the pages and put them right into their scrapbooks - which I keep up about as well as I do this blog. I actually haven't had out my scrapbook stuff since we moved. I take lots of pictures, but I don't do the books. BAD JAMIE! Anyway, thought I would spread this creative spark along. ....

I gathered my supplies and took the kids outside.

I bought these cute frames from Target for $3 each. Cut my card stock to match my frame and marked on the card stock how far the frame came over so that I could get the hand prints to show.

I grabbed a 5x7 most recent school photo and cut it to fit the left over space.

Tried my "hand" at Calligraphy and was so crappy at it that I decided there was NO WAY I was going to attempt to write the poem on each of their pages. (NOTE: I've been told by many people that I should have been a Doctor or professional athlete to have penmanship as bad as I do.)

So I grabbed my husbands computer - and MY printer I just got for my birthday (Thanks MOM AND DAD! I loooooovvvvvveeeee it!) and printed out the poem in different colors and founts.

Pasted everything together and......

WWWWAAAAAHHHHHLLLLLAAAAAA! The finished projects....

Simple, easy and relatively cute. And it will be fun to see their hand prints grow! Wish I would have thought of this idea years ago!

Happy Friday!


  1. Looks like a great idea. I like how every one is the same and uniform in size and content. That makes it easy on the eye to view. It will be fun to see them grow. You should post the poem too. Glad you're back!

  2. Yeah you're back!!! Looks like fun!