Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Biggest Accomplishment (Next to Child Birth, Marriage and home buying)

Whoever decided to turn on the summer heat is not my friend anymore. I am all for above 60 degree weather but this 90 degree stuff sucks!
I decided to share my most recent BIG . . . HUGE ... project with you first. Not saying that the inside of my house was not big - just not as noticeable because I didn't change wall colors. I didn't realize till I went to write this that I had not taken any pictures of the front of the house for the BEFORE foto. Shame on me. Actually I think it was because Joe got a "bee in his bonnet" one afternoon and by that night it was changed. So I found this "before" picture by using GOOGLE MAPS. And it is way old. As you can see we got a fence, took out the middle of the grass "thing" and you can't see the weed growth but you can use your imagination with the backyard photos.
So armed with our trusty tools.....

THESE are my beautiful flowers in my front garden area. I am so proud that I finally am able to grow some flowers!


.... and because I got soooooooo focused - I forgot the sunscreen....

My husband thinks I'm a total dweeb for sharing my sunburn blisters with you. Of course he doesn't understand the purpose of blogging either.
Anyway, I am so glad to have a place to enjoy my 70 degree mornings. Watching the birds .... when Max is too busy chewing tanbark to chase them away! ;)
Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Hi Jamie!
    I did a double take when I saw your name. Wow - everything looks so great. You have been busy! It looks awesome!