Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So Sorry!!

Hello All!

I am sorry that I haven't been on for a bit. I have composed so many posts in my head it's hard to remember which one I wanted to start with. .... Anyway you are probably wondering whats been going on! Here's a recap.....

I am just going to highlight the past few months in this posting. I WILL write some further in depth posting WITH PICTURES(!) later on. Most of my big projects are done and my deadlines for the projects I have left are up in the air so I should be on more frequently...

In February we had Tristin & Joe's birthday's. And shortly after Joe's b-day he came home and said that he was up for a promotion. YEA! But if he got the promotion we would be moving. Kohl's was going to send him in April to Phoenix for interviews and then we would know within six months if we were moving. So we had to get the house in order. This of course meant painting. But me - always with good intentions but desperately ignorant of the TIME things take made projects bigger than what needed to be. I went around the house patching little dents in the walls and door frames. Painting base bored and ceilings and removing wallpaper borders. I need to remind you here that I tend to get bored easily so I had a different stage of the projects going in almost every room of the house until Joe came home and lectured me for an hour or so on how things should be done - and that if he was home everything would be run more efficiently. I promptly ceased all projects including laundry, meals and daily house keeping. But I was so pissed I didn't blog because I didn't want to bad mouth my husband... at least that publicly. So I just got engrossed into TV shows. He apologised a few days later. And so did I. Even though his logic made sense - it's just hard for me to stay in one room for a while. Anyway the majorly lived in and FINISHED portions of the house have newly cleaned and painted walls, ceiling, borders, window sills, windows and such. It feels pretty good. I also finished a blanket top.

When April arrived we had the girls b-days and found out that Joe's interviews had been pushed back to May. Fine but now I have the outside to weed. Joe made the mistake of saying the since I wanted a garden the yard should be my and only mine responsibility and that all he had to do around the house was mow and occasionally vacuum. HA! so we had a long battle of the wills on who could go the longest and ignore the weed growth. Needless to say I won - but gave in and helped. Until the backyard came up and then I did the majority. Ah well. It looks beautiful.

Boy! For a recap this is pretty long!

Anyway, Joe's interviews were again postponed and looks like they will happen sometime in October. Along with all birthday's celebrated but Myschiefs' (yes we DO celebrate dogs b-days at our house) Joe and I celebrated our 8 yr. anniversary, Tristin "graduated" Kindergarten and Keriana "graduated" pre-school. We had school fields trips, vacations, new hair styles, baseball games, lots of books read as well as the day to day cleaning, laundry and health hurtles.

I'd like to end with......
Easter came and went along with my diet and weight loss. I can't help myself when I pass those cursed eggs! I need to find a good hypnotist because my will is lost when those things hit the shelves. And once you get started on the chocolate..... there's no turning back! ARGH!

I will leave you now with this picture I have taken sitting on my new patio set! YEA ME! Every new post will be of my - our - adventures over the past few months. Again sorry! I will try to do better at posting!

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