Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gun Safety and Intro to shooting

Joe has been talking for some time about getting our kids out to learn how to handle and shoot some guns. He was raised around them and has wanted to do that with them. Our biggest fear is that we put a gun in Chey's hand, a seizure hits and rapid firing commences while she stiffens and we can't remove the weapon. Plus I've been a bit uneasy about putting a loaded gun into the hand if a 6 year old... We found these as compromises. 1 BB pellet riffle and 1 BB pellet gun. Both simulate the loading of a gun. Both have safeties like real guns. Training without explosive power. And both have a bit of recoil when fired. Again great training without complete damage power.
This afternoon, since Chey is off playing at Grandma'S, Joe gets the kids all excited about going to " find" a place and go shooting. We don't know where to go. We haven't lived here long enough to have explored back country areas... But off we go. We drove toward Morgan, took a turn off, drove thru herrison (?), past some resivore lake thingy (there were boats on it but it was small. I don't know!!), past a monistary ( not kidding!!). We drove by some national forest campgrounds and a dinner that advertised cold burgers and warm beer with a life-sized Indian teepee behind it. During the drive we went iver gun safty and whys and hows and found out later we were being tuned out anyway.
Finally, after about an hour ( the country was beautiful tho!) we found a big atv/snowmobile parking area with some great trails. There were even concrete outhouses! Sweet! We packed our arms and off we went.

We found a nice little outcove and set up our waterbottles and cardboard boxes and started loading our weapons. Joe tried a few shots then handed the riffle to Tristin. He got his bottle sighted in and POP! Missed.. But succeeded in hitting himself above the eye on the recoil and started crying. Then he says "dad. I think the little gun is made for me."

After a quick lesson from Dad, he was right and did great.
Then it was Keriana's turn. Dad helped her hold the riffle ...

... And sight it all in and POP! One water bottle sprung a leak... She started giggling so hard and I was seriously releaved that Joe was holding the gun and that it was a single load weapon. Someone would have lost an eye. And you have to admit any military person or avid hunter is going to be seriously envying her outfit.
Ana then got a turn at the hand gun.

Same outcome as the riffle. A great shot. Both kids were about 50/50 on shot accuracy.

But Ana's arms got tired... And found that this was still a safe and easier way to shoot. They were Pretty psyched.

Until the bushes started shaking and Ana needs to go potty and we find the bathrooms locked tight. So I got to teach her the fine art of wilderness urination. Ahhhhhhhhh... The joys of parenting.

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