Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back in Action...

Ok... sorry I've missed a few days but I have been a busy bee! Dr. apts and house cleaning. Whew! My biggest project was my storage. I pulled everything out and went thru it all. I have about 8 bags of clothes that I can part with now as well as misc. junk that I don't need. Thru away about 3 garbage bags worth of stuff and gave away a garbage bag of boys clothes to my neighbor, a box of baby toys to another neighbor and filled 2 1/2 garbage bags of baby clothes to give to my neice in Reno. I am so proud of myself!

Storage Room before gutting:Storage Room AFTER gutting:

The other big project I did was my closets. They were an eyesore....



There are only 2 rooms left that I have to reorganize. 1) The kids toy area.... the kids just don't get organization! 2) My craft room.... Actually it's the unfinished basement area that holds my crafts, food storage and any other unused stuff that wont fit in the other storage area. But mostly it's a mess from my christmas crafts that I didn't clean-up very well... as well as the projects I ment to finish for Christmas and didn't get to.
I have decided that my life is quite boring! Ah well.... at least I am trying to keep this page updated....


  1. Wow - you have been busy! Will you come over and do my closets -- PLEASE?!!!!

    Hope you are doing well with everything that's been going on.


  2. are you doing? I haven't seen you in years. Since Jeff and Jenn were newlyweds! Do you like living in Utah? I know Jenn likes having you and your parents living closer!
    Your family is so cute!
    My closets can use some help...I always seem to run out of energy before I can get to them!

  3. Great job with the closets! I need to get moving on mine. Now I'm inspired!