Friday, January 30, 2009

Where is my husband when I ACTUALLY nneeeed him??

... Well he is at work where he normally is but that is not the point. I am half tempted to drive up there to get his ok on my outfit. ... Yes I said outfit. My husband dresses me - per my request (most of the time). Why? Because I have very little fashion sense.

My husband is a store manager for Kohl's Department stores. He is engrossed in his work. Therefore he knows more than jeans and a t-shirt style... which is my comfort zone - if I even get out of my pj and/or sweats.

No I do not really enjoy shopping either. Especially for myself. I get lost in the racks, things that look cute on the hanger seems to shrink by the time it makes it on me and color coordination - well I think brown and green look ok together. Joe lovingly reminds me that it doesn't. Unless I want to look like a tree. Needless to say my closet consists of mostly solid color shirts and black or denim bottoms. And shoes - same and tend to be added to by my mom and dad. I just don't do shopping!

So why am I stressing out today? Because my neighbor/ primary presidency has invited my kids and me over for a play date. And to talk with her about Cheyanne's seizures so that they know more about them and what to do if one happens during primary. Awesome right? Yes - in the sense that I have been craving neighbor connections as well as the fact that someone cares enough about my kids to learn more about them. We've been here almost 2 years so I am excited about this break though!

However this means that I need to get out of my pj/sweats and into real clothes. And I want to look nice! So it's a play date. That just means I know it is fine to wear jeans.... but I want to look nice.

This is what I have put together. The tank top is new. I just loved the color. But does it actually go with the cream top? I don't know. But after an hour, this is what I have come up with.

What do you think?


  1. I think you look awesome! Great outfit! You should definitely wear it!

    Have a fun day!


    PS - I found a girl who has a day called "What are you wearing" on Fridays -- you should send your outfit on over. I will give you the link :-)

  2. Here's the link -- check it out!

  3. it's cute - you should join me for the next What Are You Wearing!!