Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Bother???

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder WHY exactly you even made any attempts at living?
Today was one of those days for me today.
I started off by deciding to brave church today. 3 hours of church is a long time... and when you do it with three kids all by yourself it's really long. But I figured since I had my visiting teachers (2), relief society president, a neighbor, the missionary's and another person on my block ask me if I was OK and if I needed some help that I had obviously missed church long enough. So I decided to go.
Well the ward had changed times and locations so it was almost like going to a new ward. I had no idea where I was going much less where my kids classes were. We made it through Sacrament meeting with very little issues. I made my kids each a little bag big enough for their own box of crayons, a couple coloring books and a snack. But we were running late this morning and so I didn't have time to check the bags. They had asked me if they could have some crackers while I was getting dried off from the shower and I said they could if they were in a plastic bag... that they couldn't take the whole box & bag... So what did they pull out as soon as we sat down?? A gallon freezer bag full of crackers. Ah well... it kept them happy - until they got thirsty. Wheat Thins and Saltines. Not exactly the greatest without some form of liquid. So we had many trips to the water fountain because - of course - they couldn't all go together.
Because we were late we got on the last row in the overflow/ gym area. Consiquently it was hard to hear but the worst part ... Keriana. See, she loves to dance and thinks that any song is meant for dancing. And she does. So no matter what I did or bribe I gave she proceeded to "dance" her way through the hymns. And yes, today she was the only one. Then I was helping Cheyanne with something and Tristin sneaked out of the row and challenged Keriana to a race. This took place during the closing prayer. Oh such excitement.
So off to Sunday school. We followed the mob to the Primary room. Two found their rooms. Yeah! Then we wondered the building looking for Cheyanne's room and ended up back at the Primary Room to get instructions. Finally we found Chey's room. Rid of #3. Time for some spiritual renewal for me. Ya whatever. Once I finally figured out where I was supposed to go I would have had to climb over people for a seat. So I didn't. And I really struggle with going to Sunday School anyway because they don't have a 'beginner's' class. So most of the time I come out feeling smacked in the head with information that I couldn't repeat anyway. And I don't feel comfortable going to the bishop and asking for him to call someone to teach a Gospel Principals class just for me. So honestly I wasn't that disappointed I couldn't sit in a class I most likely wouldn't understand. Perhaps it was for the best and I sat in the hall and read some of my scriptures. Unfortunately I am in 2nd Nephi with all the "Refer to Isiah"s. Not exactly the best place for someone who can't keep focused on the "therefore", "thou" and other scriptural wording.
Finally it is time for Relief Society. A class a usually really enjoy. Even if it is just for the simple fact that I am surrounded by women... even if they don't talk to me. 5 minutes in the Primary leader came in to get me. Cheyanne had a headache. Fine- no big so I get her an aspirin. 10 min later they came to get me again because Cheyanne was tired. I got her talked out of that. 5 minutes after that a different leader came to get me and informed me that they let her sit by the previous leader in the front of the primary thinking that might help and Cheyanne decided to show everyone her middle finger. AHHH! I was so embarrassed. I have no idea what that behavior is about. So this primary leader said "She seems to be having a bad day in Primary. Why don't you keep her with you." Yes this is exactly what is best for both of us right now. But I did.
Then right before church was out Joe surprised me by texting me and asking us to come visit him at his new store before we went home. So we did. But it was a very interesting ride there. I told the kids that I had a surprise for them and Keriana and Tristin took turns guessing where we were going.
The highlights:
We're going to Grandma's so she can read us a story - yes I frequently drive 50 minutes just for story time..
We're going to Disneyland
We're going to Burger King
Going to the Park - Yes it's a great day for going to the park... in the SNOW!
Goin to the airport - ??? They've never been on a plane!
We're going to drive around til we end up up my butt - oh the greatness of boy humor.
Joe's store is beautiful. It's a new design by Kohl's and it makes it seem really open. Yes it could also have been the lack of ANYTHING but fixtures .... maybe maybe not. Anyway it smelled of fresh paint and it was just ... clean. Big windows cover the front and they have put guest services at the front too. They have changed some of the kitchen displays and modernized the Jr's and young men's. I am really excited to see it finished. But I have to wait a month!
Anyway the kids ran all over and were little terrors so our visit was short. I just couldn't face fixing dinner my stress level being what it was so we hit the new Carl's Jr. on the way home. Totally against my diet but I needed something substantial. Plus I weighed myself yesterday and I've lost 7 lbs! Yea me! So this was my celebration meal.
I have 2 more hours until the kids bedtime and I am counting down.... Cheyanne got a spanking (I haven't done that in - well I don't remember the last time) and is grounded to her room and from her DS. I don't know what is going on in that little brain of hers. And I am not sure we'll go back to church...
So much for our wholesome spiritually uplifting day!
Hope you had a better Sunday!


  1. Jamie, So sorry about your day and today is not a good one to decide about future church meetings. I remember feeling the same way about Sunday School--what are they talking about???
    Just remember, you are training your children right now, not expecting them to be perfect. Practice and lots of it will help them to know how to behave and what is expected in church. It is a lesson in patience for all. Don't be discouraged and don't give up. You can only do your best--and keep on trying, and trying and trying.

  2. I forgot to congratulate you onthe 7 pounds lost. Horray for you!!!

  3. Jamie --

    I am so sorry you had a hard time today. You are not the only one. All kids have a hard time sitting still for that long. Good for you for going and sticking it out! Every time you do it - it will get easier.

    Yay on the 7 pounds - Wow!


  4. Hey Jamie! Thanks for being so honest. It's good to get it out every once in awhile. We al have trouble with our kids. Will got "kicked out" of primary just a few weeks ago and I struggle every Sunday getting him to go. But I figure as long as he doesn't think he has a choice, he'll have to go and will get used to it. It gets better every time, even if just a little. You're doing the right thing. You should talk to the Primary president and share with her your concerns and that you need to be able to be in RS alone. See if they can work with Cheyanne. And a little dancing in Sacramant meeting is no big deal. Kids are kids. They can't sit still that long.

    Congrats on the 7 pounds. You are doing better than me!

  5. Jamie:
    Sorry to hear about your "Sunday from H***"! I get it! Why does it seem like sometimes Sunday is the hardest day? Probably because we are trying to do something right! I hope the rest of your week goes well!
    I'm so impressed w/the loss of 7lbs. Whenever I try to lose I just end of gaining!!!