Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Never a Dull Moment

Last night I finally get all the kids tucked in and asleep, the dogs quieted and myself finally warm .... about 1030pm or so. I had taken a sleeping pill (Dr. prescribed so these are no weak over the counter crap) because I don't sleep sound when my husband isn't in the house with me.... and "it" started. "Beep"... "Beep"... "beep".... that lovely, high pitched, ear piercing squealing that only fire alarms can make when they need a new battery. And of course it has to be the only alarm I have located at the top of the vaulted ceiling in my bedroom.
I got up and made it to the garage to get the 7 ft ladder and hauled it up the 2 flights of stairs and into my room. The battery was changed after semi drugged deliberation on how to put the new batter back in and getting tangled up in the same spot in the hallway both on the way up and back down. This would have been challenging for me with out the added help of the sleeping drugs. I can never seem to balance a ladder without marking at least one wall. But it is done, the walls don't look worse for ware and we are safe from dying in a fire. ;)
I finally got Max to hold still for a picture. He is such

a funny dog. Apparently I wasn't paying him enough attention last night and he got into the laundry basket. He brought me one of my dirty socks as I was putting Tristin to bed. Then a different dirty sock as I was putting 'Ana to bed. At least he brings them right to me without mauling them over...

The clouds have finally lifted for a while. I actually see blue sky around me. I have decided not to complain about the snow this year. Last year, it seemed, the more I complained - the more fell. And because I don't have the "male" gene - I am guessing - I can not competently operate the snow blower, I shovel. I have decided to take a positive outlook on it this year. The more I shovel, the more I exercise, and the more weight I should loose. It's a perfectly pliable thought process... So this is how much is sitting in my yard. And because we live on the end of a cult-de-sac I have to go 1/2 way around my house... not just the normal front walk and driveway....

Its a bit above the 7 inch mark and this also proves I have scrapbook supplies!
Well I am off to start my day officially. Got Chey to her 730am bus, Tristin to his 815am bus and beds made. I have big thoughts of getting started on pulling out the storage stuff and the spare room stuff and start 'de-junking'. But I had plans to start that yesterday and got derailed by this blog and Keriana wanting me to hold her hand. I figure that I'll have many years to de clutter, clean and craft but only a few years where my daughter will actually want to hold my hand and watch Dora.... But I don't think I'll miss watching Dora repeats.... Then we have a birthday present and deicer to buy and preschool to go to and bathrooms to clean! Such excitement!
Have a great day, thanks for visiting and for your comments!


  1. Wow - you are on a roll. Great post! I like the visual effects of the snow and ruler. You are a natural.

    Good luck decluttering!


  2. The pics are not showing for me - they show a box with an x in them. I understand the alarm going off late at night and it's a vaulted ceiling - I've had so many of these episodes and sometimes the alarm is so high pitched, I can't tell which one it is on the same floor. :)

  3. I think you named today's post utterly correct. What a night and day! Super job describing them both.