Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunrises & Sunsets...

I went to my adopted Grandma's funeral yesterday. Here are some pictures of my drive south. It was a beautiful drive down watching the sunrise....

Here's the proof that I was up before the sun! Here is some pix of the weird fog that stretched from American Fork to Provo...

The Funeral was beautiful. My cousins did a great job. Even though I brought my camera, I never knew an appropriate time to take pictures... so this was the only picture I took. It is of the family dinner table that the Mount Pleasant 4Th ward provided (Thanks so much again! It was really yummy). If anyone got any others, I would really appreciate some so please email me with them! Thanks!

Questions I got to answer:

Keriana- Why are we going to Grandma's funjournal? .... Obviously too much Dora & Diego for her.

Tristin- So who killed her mom? This was said during the viewing...

Cheyanne- Why does she look so scary dead? .... Um couldn't think of an answer for this one so I told her to be quiet...

Tristin- (during the funeral as he lay on the floor stomping) I need to eat now or I am going to die like Grandma!

Keriana- Why did they put Grandma in the ground? I explained and then ask if that was ok. She said " No. They should have put her in a glass box like Snow White so that her prince could come wake her and we could play again. Wouldn't we all like that!

The following are some shots I took the other night from my back porch. Even though they weren't taken yesterday they are glorious and a fitting end to this day's blog.

Hugs n Kisses!


  1. Great entry today! The pictures were beautiful! I hope you are doing okay. Sorry we were not able to stay longer yesterday but we had to get back to pick Nick up from a meeting he had after school. It was a beautiful service though and nice to see you and the kids!


  2. Great photos! I work in American Fork and leave for work about 7:30am and there has been this wierd fog every morning. Very strange!

    We'll have to meet up sometime at Jenn's! I'll tell her to invite us over for lunch, ha ha. I love to go to her house, she always inspires me to start some new home improvement projects!