Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Welcome! .... To you AND me!

My Sister -in -Law and her family have such wonderful blog spots and enjoy it so much I thought I should give it a go. Enjoy... and I promise to get better at it! I've never done this before and feel that I should give it a try. I am not good at journals, spelling or scrapbooks (though I have bought enough supplies I could open a small store) but I figure if I don't start I never will. So I am starting. Resolution #1 -- CHECK!

My Family and I live in a cute little place in Utah that is about a half hour North of Salt Lake City. Joe, Jamie, Cheyanne (10), Tristin (5) and Keriana (4). We have 2 dogs. Myschief (1) a schnoodle and Max (6mo.) a miniature Australian Shepherd. Max has yet to hold still for a good pix.

Christmas and New Years were fun. We spent some time with my parents and brother and his family. My creative and talented at most everything sister -in law did a yummy fondue party for New Years. She has great pix & recipes on her blog site (tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com) so I won't bore you with repetition.

Resolutions For 2009: #1 Start Journal & Scrap booking, #2 Loose some of this post surgery weight (anyway I am blaming it on the surgery) #3 Read & finish reading the scriptures. (Started plenty of times. ... need to actually make it thru them this year) #4 Learn to use my new camera. (My poor kids will end up thinking I have the camera glued to my eye if I can manage it!)

I don't have a set plan in how I am going to do this blog. I am open to suggestions! Thanks for visiting. Keep checking back as I will try to update as often as I can. 3 kids 2 dogs and a work-a-holic hubby doesn't leave too much time but I am determined. And this will be the most improved site you will visit as I get to understand this blogging thing better!


  1. Oh right now I will always know what you all are up to...:) I hope you had a wonderful Holiday...Take care..

  2. Yeah for you Jamie! Your family pics are great and you are off to a good start. Good luck with blogging, New Years goals and everything.

  3. Oh, I am so excited for you Jamie. This is like the funnest thing EVER! I would be glad to give you some pointers anytime you want, if you want...

    There are so many wonderful ideas out here and I have met the most talented, nicest people. You will love it!!!!


  4. Cute!

    You forgot to mention your excellent brother, but maybe that was just an editing error.

  5. I didn't know you had a blog! Very cute. It's a little addicting but so much fun. I'll add you to my blog roll. The more you comment, the more readers you will get. You'll love it. :)

    One tip. You may want to think twice about putting your last name and/or hometown on a public blog. Who knows what kind of weirdos are out there lurking about.