Thursday, January 29, 2009


Keriana- Mom, you are my bestie-est best friend.
Me - I am?! Great!
Keriana- See I have lots of best friends. But you are the bestie-est. You're even better than Grandma ... but just cause you live closer...

Tristin- Mom can I go play with XXXXX?
Me- No. You have to finish your homework and have something to eat first.
Tristin- Moooooommmmmm! You have the stupidest rules. Your rules smell like Dad's farts.
Me- I didn't know rules smelled. (trying desperately hard not to totally loose it)
Tristin- Well they do. And I hate stinky rules, farts and school! (stomp stomp stomp)

Cheyanne- So there's this boy at school and he likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend.
Me- You aren't supposed to have boyfriends.
Cheyanne- I know and I told him that. But....
Me- But what?
Cheyanne- But I like him to.
Me- And what would your father say?
Cheyanne - That if he was to bring him one shark, two giraffes, a tiger and a kangaroo he could be my boyfriend.
Me- I am NOT cleaning up their poop.
Cheyanne- No. That is Dad's job. He wants the animals.

Tristin- Mom. Cheyanne made me kiss XXXXXX in the summer.
Me- Yes I know and we've already talked about how that was wrong
Tristin- Mom. I think I want to marry XXXXX when I grow up like you.
Me- Ok. We'll talk about it when you get as old as me.
Tristin - K. Will it be ok to kiss her then?
Me- Yes. But you have to get permission first.
Tristin- Who do I have to ask for THAT?! This kissing stuff takes a lot of work!
(Ummm Heeellllllllooooo! He's 5!)


  1. Your kids say the funniest things. I am glad you are recording them here. They will be even funnier to you in a few years. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. That's too funny! What strong personalities those kids have. You'll be so glad you wrote these things down.

  3. Those comments are so funny! What cute kids! I hope you had a good day today!


  4. How funny! Kids say the funniest things, you're smart to record it. It is fun to look back when tey are older!

  5. This is very hilarious! I am so grateful that kids are around to always bring us laughter!