Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up

Good Day!

I did absolutely nothing yesterday.... and it felt good. Until this morning when I realized how much I have to do today! Argh!.... A mother's work is never done.

Well, technically I shouldn't say nothing. I just didn't do my "normal" chores. I did make meals, got Joe off on his business trip (yea!!!) spent 45 min on the phone AGAIn with my insurance company who are still trying to get out of paying my hospital bills, let the dogs in and out and paid bills. So I guess I did DO stuff....

Anyway, I took Chey and the kids to a birthday party over the weekend to Classic Fun Center. This place was huge!! It has a rock wall, Pirates Cove play structure... thing 7 inflatable bounce houses, laser tag, roller rink and arcade. It was very kid safe and mother boring.

I forgot my real camera so these are taken with my cell. But It gives you an idea.
Also started cleaning out my craft room. Need to finish it so that I can post my giveaway.... but I won't do that til I have a place to create!
Today's plans:
Laundry - the never-ending chore. Just when you see the bottom of the basket... you see your kids and the state of the clothes they have on.... or your husband comes home from work.
Grocery shopping - We need a cow. My kids love their chocolate and milk!
Tristin's first Dentist Appointment - this will be interesting! Can't forget the camera!
Preschool/ school Carpool
Today's usual chores - Make beds, clean bathrooms, run dishwasher
Finish Cleaning Craft room
.... and have a shower! Whew. I am tired already!
Funny's heard over the weekend:
Tristin to Cheyanne - "Stop running away from me and take my orders!"
Keriana to me - " I don't want to put my jammies on. So it's just plain old me under these clothes."
Have a great day!


  1. Isn't it crazy what we have to do as Mom's? Do we ever get a day off? If you do have a day where all the normal "stuff" doesn't get done, it seems like it takes a week to get caught up! It just isn't fair!
    My favorite...Laundry! I think I'm "caught up" and by the next morning the laundry chute is full again!
    My mom swears someday I'll miss it!

  2. Jamie, I hope you are having a good day. I just gave you an award on my blog! Check it out!

  3. It all sounds so busy and necessary. I love your kids funny comments. Keep posting them. Your phone takes pretty good pics:)