Saturday, January 31, 2009

A New Direction....

I am not a person who likes to make plans. I rarely think out things and do them. I spend lots of time thinking of lots of things but by the time I get to the end of my thought process I decide I am too tired - from all the thinking - or no one would like it , want it, care about it.... yada yada yada. I've never planed a pregnancy, a trip to the store an outing with the kids (outside of the week before birthday parties). And I LOVE surprises. I am a fly by the seat of my pants type of girl and I am happy that way. Most of the time.
I do not know if it is the Gemini (take up new activities enthusiastically but lack application, constantly needing new interests, flitting from project to project as apparently purposelessly as a butterfly dancing from flower to flower. To them life is a game which must always be full of fresh moves and continuous entertainment, free of labor and routine. Changing horses in the middle of the stream is another small quirk in the Gemini personality which makes decision making, and sticking to a decision, particularly hard for them.*more information can be found here) in me, the Bipolar or if I have undiagnosed ADD/ADHD but I flit around from subject to subject, place to place, person to person.... And I have noticed that I am doing it with this blog as well.
In my meanderings around in this new to me blogging world I have had an epiphany. Though I started this blog as a journal and way to keep in touch with family, I also want to meet new people and develop new friendships. As I have found myself in many other's blogs, the most "popular" seem to have a set theme or theme days.
Knowing a lot of things but not a lot about them I decided that one particular thing is not going to fly. That would involve research and honestly - sounds pretty boring. So I have decided to try something new. PLANING. Therefore, as of February 1st 2009, I am establishing the following schedule....
Spiritual Sundays. This is a time when I will blog about something I heard at church, scripture I read, poem I encountered.... you get the idea.
Memories Monday. A blog time for me to share a childhood memory, photograph or something that I want to document that my family did.
Tantalizing Tuesday. Time for me to share a recipe I've found.
Wellness Wednesday. Our lives are touched so much by different afflictions that I want to spread some knowledge about it.
Thoughtful Thursday. This will be my day for expanding my perception of life. Contemplation and input from YOU!
FUN FRIDAY. These days I am going to encourage my creative and humorous sides. Crafts jokes and the like...
Saturday Sunshine. I am honestly not sure what I am going to use Saturday's for. You didn't really think I'd make it to plan EVERYDAY, did you?

Now I am going to ask for your help. I have tried to make it simple to let me know what you think of my postings. I am not going to ask you to leave a comment (though I do REALLY REALLY enjoy them.) At the end of each post it a little question of whether you found the post interesting, funny or cool. Please mark a box so I know what to write more about.

Thanks! I can't wait to start this new PLAN! ;)

Friday, January 30, 2009

The End Result

So after all that worry about what I was going to wear 2 things happened.
1- She called and asked if we could go take our kids on a walk/bike ride on our walking trail. So I ended up wearing a jacket anyway.
2- As I was getting Max to lock him up in his kennel, he decided I was really frightening and promptly pee'd all over my arm as I picked him up. He's never done that before. So I ended up in wearing a long sleeved white t-shirt.

Go Figure.

Where is my husband when I ACTUALLY nneeeed him??

... Well he is at work where he normally is but that is not the point. I am half tempted to drive up there to get his ok on my outfit. ... Yes I said outfit. My husband dresses me - per my request (most of the time). Why? Because I have very little fashion sense.

My husband is a store manager for Kohl's Department stores. He is engrossed in his work. Therefore he knows more than jeans and a t-shirt style... which is my comfort zone - if I even get out of my pj and/or sweats.

No I do not really enjoy shopping either. Especially for myself. I get lost in the racks, things that look cute on the hanger seems to shrink by the time it makes it on me and color coordination - well I think brown and green look ok together. Joe lovingly reminds me that it doesn't. Unless I want to look like a tree. Needless to say my closet consists of mostly solid color shirts and black or denim bottoms. And shoes - same and tend to be added to by my mom and dad. I just don't do shopping!

So why am I stressing out today? Because my neighbor/ primary presidency has invited my kids and me over for a play date. And to talk with her about Cheyanne's seizures so that they know more about them and what to do if one happens during primary. Awesome right? Yes - in the sense that I have been craving neighbor connections as well as the fact that someone cares enough about my kids to learn more about them. We've been here almost 2 years so I am excited about this break though!

However this means that I need to get out of my pj/sweats and into real clothes. And I want to look nice! So it's a play date. That just means I know it is fine to wear jeans.... but I want to look nice.

This is what I have put together. The tank top is new. I just loved the color. But does it actually go with the cream top? I don't know. But after an hour, this is what I have come up with.

What do you think?

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Keriana- Mom, you are my bestie-est best friend.
Me - I am?! Great!
Keriana- See I have lots of best friends. But you are the bestie-est. You're even better than Grandma ... but just cause you live closer...

Tristin- Mom can I go play with XXXXX?
Me- No. You have to finish your homework and have something to eat first.
Tristin- Moooooommmmmm! You have the stupidest rules. Your rules smell like Dad's farts.
Me- I didn't know rules smelled. (trying desperately hard not to totally loose it)
Tristin- Well they do. And I hate stinky rules, farts and school! (stomp stomp stomp)

Cheyanne- So there's this boy at school and he likes me and wants me to be his girlfriend.
Me- You aren't supposed to have boyfriends.
Cheyanne- I know and I told him that. But....
Me- But what?
Cheyanne- But I like him to.
Me- And what would your father say?
Cheyanne - That if he was to bring him one shark, two giraffes, a tiger and a kangaroo he could be my boyfriend.
Me- I am NOT cleaning up their poop.
Cheyanne- No. That is Dad's job. He wants the animals.

Tristin- Mom. Cheyanne made me kiss XXXXXX in the summer.
Me- Yes I know and we've already talked about how that was wrong
Tristin- Mom. I think I want to marry XXXXX when I grow up like you.
Me- Ok. We'll talk about it when you get as old as me.
Tristin - K. Will it be ok to kiss her then?
Me- Yes. But you have to get permission first.
Tristin- Who do I have to ask for THAT?! This kissing stuff takes a lot of work!
(Ummm Heeellllllllooooo! He's 5!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Latest Activities...

I have decided that if it is not one things it's another... If I am not picking up a mess from my kids it will be one from my dogs. This was a super soaker ball...

They are lucky they are cute...

Today Tristin and I killed off waiting for the girls to get out of school time by going to the mall. Joe needed some new jeans. So I treated Tristin to a Pretzel from Pretzel Time. And of course he chose to sit at the children's table so I got to hug my knees. But he entertained me with his "smiles".
I've found a couple new things and I thought that I would share my review with you...

With Himalayan Goji Berry. Made by Grassroots.
Joe actually got on one of his business trips. They only sell it online at and in Kohl's stores! It's kind of expensive when you are used to buy Neutrogina and Mary Kay but I think it is well worth it. I use less and it seems to do more. I also don't seem to have the dry spot or extra oily spots that I did/ do with other creams. My face also seems to have stayed less "chappy" with the cold dry weather. I haven't noticed a difference in my acne issues.... but I have decided that I may never be acne free again.

Anyhow, I really like the cream and urge you to check out Grassroots!

I stumbled across these at a sampling booth at Costco. I really liked them so I bought a bag. They claim to be "baked" like popcorn. I think they are really light but packed with flavor and filling at the same time. I just looked them up online and they come in a variety of flavors and can be found at Target and Whole Foods too!
Have a great day! And please let me know what you think of these products by leaving a comment!
PS.... I am working on some blogging things so be sure to check back for the fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why Bother???

Have you ever had one of those days where you wonder WHY exactly you even made any attempts at living?
Today was one of those days for me today.
I started off by deciding to brave church today. 3 hours of church is a long time... and when you do it with three kids all by yourself it's really long. But I figured since I had my visiting teachers (2), relief society president, a neighbor, the missionary's and another person on my block ask me if I was OK and if I needed some help that I had obviously missed church long enough. So I decided to go.
Well the ward had changed times and locations so it was almost like going to a new ward. I had no idea where I was going much less where my kids classes were. We made it through Sacrament meeting with very little issues. I made my kids each a little bag big enough for their own box of crayons, a couple coloring books and a snack. But we were running late this morning and so I didn't have time to check the bags. They had asked me if they could have some crackers while I was getting dried off from the shower and I said they could if they were in a plastic bag... that they couldn't take the whole box & bag... So what did they pull out as soon as we sat down?? A gallon freezer bag full of crackers. Ah well... it kept them happy - until they got thirsty. Wheat Thins and Saltines. Not exactly the greatest without some form of liquid. So we had many trips to the water fountain because - of course - they couldn't all go together.
Because we were late we got on the last row in the overflow/ gym area. Consiquently it was hard to hear but the worst part ... Keriana. See, she loves to dance and thinks that any song is meant for dancing. And she does. So no matter what I did or bribe I gave she proceeded to "dance" her way through the hymns. And yes, today she was the only one. Then I was helping Cheyanne with something and Tristin sneaked out of the row and challenged Keriana to a race. This took place during the closing prayer. Oh such excitement.
So off to Sunday school. We followed the mob to the Primary room. Two found their rooms. Yeah! Then we wondered the building looking for Cheyanne's room and ended up back at the Primary Room to get instructions. Finally we found Chey's room. Rid of #3. Time for some spiritual renewal for me. Ya whatever. Once I finally figured out where I was supposed to go I would have had to climb over people for a seat. So I didn't. And I really struggle with going to Sunday School anyway because they don't have a 'beginner's' class. So most of the time I come out feeling smacked in the head with information that I couldn't repeat anyway. And I don't feel comfortable going to the bishop and asking for him to call someone to teach a Gospel Principals class just for me. So honestly I wasn't that disappointed I couldn't sit in a class I most likely wouldn't understand. Perhaps it was for the best and I sat in the hall and read some of my scriptures. Unfortunately I am in 2nd Nephi with all the "Refer to Isiah"s. Not exactly the best place for someone who can't keep focused on the "therefore", "thou" and other scriptural wording.
Finally it is time for Relief Society. A class a usually really enjoy. Even if it is just for the simple fact that I am surrounded by women... even if they don't talk to me. 5 minutes in the Primary leader came in to get me. Cheyanne had a headache. Fine- no big so I get her an aspirin. 10 min later they came to get me again because Cheyanne was tired. I got her talked out of that. 5 minutes after that a different leader came to get me and informed me that they let her sit by the previous leader in the front of the primary thinking that might help and Cheyanne decided to show everyone her middle finger. AHHH! I was so embarrassed. I have no idea what that behavior is about. So this primary leader said "She seems to be having a bad day in Primary. Why don't you keep her with you." Yes this is exactly what is best for both of us right now. But I did.
Then right before church was out Joe surprised me by texting me and asking us to come visit him at his new store before we went home. So we did. But it was a very interesting ride there. I told the kids that I had a surprise for them and Keriana and Tristin took turns guessing where we were going.
The highlights:
We're going to Grandma's so she can read us a story - yes I frequently drive 50 minutes just for story time..
We're going to Disneyland
We're going to Burger King
Going to the Park - Yes it's a great day for going to the park... in the SNOW!
Goin to the airport - ??? They've never been on a plane!
We're going to drive around til we end up up my butt - oh the greatness of boy humor.
Joe's store is beautiful. It's a new design by Kohl's and it makes it seem really open. Yes it could also have been the lack of ANYTHING but fixtures .... maybe maybe not. Anyway it smelled of fresh paint and it was just ... clean. Big windows cover the front and they have put guest services at the front too. They have changed some of the kitchen displays and modernized the Jr's and young men's. I am really excited to see it finished. But I have to wait a month!
Anyway the kids ran all over and were little terrors so our visit was short. I just couldn't face fixing dinner my stress level being what it was so we hit the new Carl's Jr. on the way home. Totally against my diet but I needed something substantial. Plus I weighed myself yesterday and I've lost 7 lbs! Yea me! So this was my celebration meal.
I have 2 more hours until the kids bedtime and I am counting down.... Cheyanne got a spanking (I haven't done that in - well I don't remember the last time) and is grounded to her room and from her DS. I don't know what is going on in that little brain of hers. And I am not sure we'll go back to church...
So much for our wholesome spiritually uplifting day!
Hope you had a better Sunday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I seem to have this great talent for disappearing off the face of the planet. Then I get lonely and think that no one likes me and I have no friends... where really I am more to blame than anything/ anyone because I don't return phone calls, emails (though sometimes this is because I change my email address because the spam people found me) or letters. And sometimes it's because I've moved. But regardless of the reason, I still find myself sitting at home and feeling friendless, unloved and reciting Dora.
So today I went on a blog that I like to frequent and got inspired. Quincy Cottage wrote a great piece on friendship and what it CAN mean. So I have tried today to touch base with people on facebook and different blogs that I have stopped by. I've thanked them for their friendship and/or told them that I appreciate them. Thanks Quincy Cottage! Those who have stopped by here, please go visit Quincy Cottage. Hopefully it will inspire you and the world can be a more positive place.

I also got a blog award from a rekindled friendship the other day and have been trying to figure out how to post it all. Thanks again Chrissy!

Here are the rules for the recipients:1. Put the logo on your blog or post.2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!***3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
Since I am new to blogging I am going to fall short of the 10... but here are my nominees. Please check them out and make new friends!
1) Come ye Ladds and Lasses - She's new to blogging but it's fun to read! And very creative.
2) Tatertots and Jello - she's doing a giveaway! And is so creative.
3) Quincy's Cottage - explained above why I like her blog.
4) Wenderful - She has an amazing way of describing things. I rarely visit without cracking up!
5) JensenTrio - This is a friend of mine's little sister whom I went to church with. I just love her blog though and her boy is so cute!
6) LynchFamily - She is new to blogging but we have been friends for 8 years. She has a great sence of humor and cutie kids.
7) Fat Cyclist - He's a friend of my brother and I love his blog. He is really funny and just got a new helmet cam for his bike rides. Fatty is sure to have more great posts!
8) Lynn's Lines - He's my cousin but has a much better way of wording things than I do.
9) Blogging - He's a funny guy with a cute family. And many adventures!
Well... I almost made it!
Again - thanks for visiting and I look forward to making and rekindling many friendships. Please leave a comment so we can keep in touch!

Friday, January 23, 2009


My sister-in-law (and brother) is doing a give-a-way on her fab-o website. Check it out and enter to win!

Finally Finished!

I did it! I finally finished cleaning my craft/ storage room. It only took about 9 hours.... I went thru each and every bin and threw out another curb side garbage can full of junk and made another trip to DI.



It feels good to be clean... but it was hard. I ran across a lot of memories - so happy some sad... and some things that I couldn't remember why they were so important to keep. Ah well...

And during the organization I did the 10 loads of laundry, vacuumed and dusted the house, fixed meals , made beds, cleaned bathrooms... and remembered to breath.

Today isn't such a good day. My first phone call of the day was a collections call from Davis Hospital. My insurance company is being horrible about paying my surgery bill. They paid my Dr. the pathologist, anesthesiologist and... some other one that I cant remember but now they won't pay the Hospital. They are saying it was a pre-existing condition. Um HELLOOOO!!! How can the Hospital stay be pre existing but the surgery isn't?? I don't get it. And every time I call the insurance company I get a different excuse on why it can't be paid, why it is still being considered, missing paperwork... oh it is just a mess. I've been in tears so many times today. I just don't know what to do and the Hospital is getting ready to turn the account over to collections. I have excellent credit... just not $6,000 + to pay for a bill I shouldn't have to pay for. It's killing me. I just don't get it. I feel so helpless. But anyway... enough bumming. But if anyone has any suggestions I would really like to know.

Take Care all,

First Trip to the Dentist

Tristin's first trip to the dentist was on Wednesday and he had a blast. As we were walking in he said " Cool. I finally get to try this. Awesome." After that I was a little worried that he might get disappointed... but he didn't.

He thought the camera was weird at first but then he decided it looked like a Star Wars clone. He was very excited every time he got a "ride" on the chair. To clean his teeth they used green (his favorite color) bubble gum toothpaste and he got a green parachute guy when he was finished. Plus they had cool tools. What more could a guy ask for??

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catching up

Good Day!

I did absolutely nothing yesterday.... and it felt good. Until this morning when I realized how much I have to do today! Argh!.... A mother's work is never done.

Well, technically I shouldn't say nothing. I just didn't do my "normal" chores. I did make meals, got Joe off on his business trip (yea!!!) spent 45 min on the phone AGAIn with my insurance company who are still trying to get out of paying my hospital bills, let the dogs in and out and paid bills. So I guess I did DO stuff....

Anyway, I took Chey and the kids to a birthday party over the weekend to Classic Fun Center. This place was huge!! It has a rock wall, Pirates Cove play structure... thing 7 inflatable bounce houses, laser tag, roller rink and arcade. It was very kid safe and mother boring.

I forgot my real camera so these are taken with my cell. But It gives you an idea.
Also started cleaning out my craft room. Need to finish it so that I can post my giveaway.... but I won't do that til I have a place to create!
Today's plans:
Laundry - the never-ending chore. Just when you see the bottom of the basket... you see your kids and the state of the clothes they have on.... or your husband comes home from work.
Grocery shopping - We need a cow. My kids love their chocolate and milk!
Tristin's first Dentist Appointment - this will be interesting! Can't forget the camera!
Preschool/ school Carpool
Today's usual chores - Make beds, clean bathrooms, run dishwasher
Finish Cleaning Craft room
.... and have a shower! Whew. I am tired already!
Funny's heard over the weekend:
Tristin to Cheyanne - "Stop running away from me and take my orders!"
Keriana to me - " I don't want to put my jammies on. So it's just plain old me under these clothes."
Have a great day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunrises & Sunsets...

I went to my adopted Grandma's funeral yesterday. Here are some pictures of my drive south. It was a beautiful drive down watching the sunrise....

Here's the proof that I was up before the sun! Here is some pix of the weird fog that stretched from American Fork to Provo...

The Funeral was beautiful. My cousins did a great job. Even though I brought my camera, I never knew an appropriate time to take pictures... so this was the only picture I took. It is of the family dinner table that the Mount Pleasant 4Th ward provided (Thanks so much again! It was really yummy). If anyone got any others, I would really appreciate some so please email me with them! Thanks!

Questions I got to answer:

Keriana- Why are we going to Grandma's funjournal? .... Obviously too much Dora & Diego for her.

Tristin- So who killed her mom? This was said during the viewing...

Cheyanne- Why does she look so scary dead? .... Um couldn't think of an answer for this one so I told her to be quiet...

Tristin- (during the funeral as he lay on the floor stomping) I need to eat now or I am going to die like Grandma!

Keriana- Why did they put Grandma in the ground? I explained and then ask if that was ok. She said " No. They should have put her in a glass box like Snow White so that her prince could come wake her and we could play again. Wouldn't we all like that!

The following are some shots I took the other night from my back porch. Even though they weren't taken yesterday they are glorious and a fitting end to this day's blog.

Hugs n Kisses!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bumming it....

Today has been a really off day for me. Maybe it's because the sun was hiding behind the clouds today... I don't know... but I barly had enough energy/ drive to have a shower - at 230pm. Anyway, nothing new to report other than life itself. I did fold 1 load of laundry! That's something I guess.... did get the kids to and from their busses... Keriana didn't want to get out of her pj's either today. So we just cuddled on the couch watching different things on the Disney Channels. Hopefully tomorrow I can find my happy place again! Hope you had a better day than me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back in Action...

Ok... sorry I've missed a few days but I have been a busy bee! Dr. apts and house cleaning. Whew! My biggest project was my storage. I pulled everything out and went thru it all. I have about 8 bags of clothes that I can part with now as well as misc. junk that I don't need. Thru away about 3 garbage bags worth of stuff and gave away a garbage bag of boys clothes to my neighbor, a box of baby toys to another neighbor and filled 2 1/2 garbage bags of baby clothes to give to my neice in Reno. I am so proud of myself!

Storage Room before gutting:Storage Room AFTER gutting:

The other big project I did was my closets. They were an eyesore....



There are only 2 rooms left that I have to reorganize. 1) The kids toy area.... the kids just don't get organization! 2) My craft room.... Actually it's the unfinished basement area that holds my crafts, food storage and any other unused stuff that wont fit in the other storage area. But mostly it's a mess from my christmas crafts that I didn't clean-up very well... as well as the projects I ment to finish for Christmas and didn't get to.
I have decided that my life is quite boring! Ah well.... at least I am trying to keep this page updated....